Utilizing Technology to Provide Legal Representation on the Cutting Edge

We proudly call ourselves “21st Century Trial Lawyers.” But what exactly does that mean? How do we live that out in our work? By utilizing the latest technology to help gain favorable results for our clients.

At Mayo | Hill, every attorney and staff member have been extensively trained to ensure that we’re able to provide the highest quality service to each of our clients. And, for our firm, that includes being well-versed in technological advances as they apply to the legal industry.

Technology in Action at Mayo | Hill

In 2020, many businesses were put to the test with the seemingly overnight transition to working remotely. Thankfully, here at Mayo | Hill, we experienced zero downtime in our work. Because of our use of cloud-based software, we’re able to serve our clients from virtually anywhere. Throughout the past five months, we’ve offered our clients tele- and videoconference meetings to ensure they feel as safe and comfortable as possible. Whether there’s a pandemic, a power outage at the office, or any other type of extenuating circumstance, our entire team is still able to operate at 100% capacity. We have access to everything we need to still be able to provide our clients top-notch legal representation. (You can learn more about how we’ve been serving our clients during the pandemic here.)

Additionally, we pride ourselves on being accessible to our clients, something we’re able to provide because of the many forms of communication we offer. Prospective clients can reach the firm via our online chat service, by phone, or through the completion of a contact form on our website. Each of our existing clients has the personal cell phone number and email address of his or her attorney. One of our former clients had this to say about his attorney’s availability: “[He] was truly the best attorney in the way he was accessible and available to his clients. There was never a ‘middle person’ to go through before you receive feedback and never a long response time with him.”

Another great example of how we leverage technology to improve our law practice can be found in our car/truck accident practice area. We have access to state-of-the-art technology that allows us to rebuild accident scenes involving large trucks. This enables our attorneys to prove exactly what happened in an accident, which in turn helps us to more effectively represent our clients and get them the compensation they deserve. Implementing this technology into this practice area has assisted us as we’ve recovered millions of dollars for our clients.

A large part of how we’re able to provide so many of our clients with favorable outcomes in a timely manner is because of our commitment to staying up-to-date on both the latest updates to the legal industry and the technological tools available. We’re living out our goals of being “21st Century Trial Lawyers” and providing “legal representation on the cutting edge” every day, specifically through the use of technology in our cases.

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