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Mayo|Hill’s  case results over the last 12 months include the following recoveries:

  • $9.60 Million – medical billing fraud
  • $3.00 Million – wrongful death of a motorist
  • $1.50 Million – injuries to a motorist;
  • $1.40 Million – business dispute;
  • $1.25 Million – wrongful death of a motorist;
  • $1.10 Million – negligent security
  • $1.00 Million – medical malpractice – failure to diagnose
  • $500,000 – medical malpractice – improper airway management;
  • $500,000 – medical malpractice – surgical mistake;
  • $500,000 – medical malpractice – failure to diagnose
  • $300,000 – injuries in Trucking Wreck;
  • $275,000 – nursing home negligence;
  • $200,000 – injuries in Trucking Wreck;
  • $200,000 – business dispute;
  • $150,000 – car wreck;
  • $140,000 – dog bite; and
  • Many more recoveries for seriously injured clients.

Mayo|Hill Case Results Also Include

  • $1.80 Million – Wrongful Death
  • $1.60 Million – Financial Conversion
  • $1.50 Million – Tractor Trailer
  • $1.50 Million – Business Dispute
  • $1.50 Million – Car Accident
  • $1.50 Million – Car Accident
  • $1.25 Million – Car Accident
  • $1.25 Million – Car Accident
  • $700,000 – Tractor Trailer
  • $500,000 – Contract
  • $500,000  – Malpractice
  • $500,000 – Malpractice
  • $400,000 – Tractor Trailer
  • $400,000  – Tractor Trailer
  • $350,000 – Dump Truck
  • $325,000 – Tractor Trailer
  • $300,000 – Dump Truck
  • $250,000 – Nursing Home
  • $240,000 – Fiduciary Breach
  • $215,000 – Malpractice
  • $150,000 – Car Accident
  • $125,000 – Premises
  • $100,000 – Car Accident
  • $100,000 – Car Accident
  • $100,000 – Car Accident
  • $100,000 – Car Accident
  • $100,000 – Pedestrian
  • $100,000 – Premises
  • $100,000– Premises
  • $100,000 – Premises
  • $100,000 – Car Accident


Our Clients are Our Best Advertising

Angie, Macon, Georgia

“When my family needed an attorney to handle the wrongful death of my brother, the ONLY attorney I thought of was Michael Mayo.” 

“Michael is not only an outstanding attorney, but everything about him stands for ethics and integrity. I cannot recommend Michael highly enough.”

This case involved a deadly collision when a dump truck driver negligently entered a roadway. Mr. Mayo immediately secured valuable evidence from the dump truck and crash site, later using this evidence to prove the dump truck driver’s negligence. He represented the Administrator of the Estate for the man killed in the accident, as well as his surviving family members who held claims for wrongful death. Mr. Mayo helped his clients navigate complicated end of life issues, medical liens, insurance concerns, and federal regulations.

Beyond fighting for his clients, Mr. Mayo built personal relationships with the surviving loved ones that will last forever. Following Mr. Mayo’s investigation and demands to the insurance company, the insurance company agreed to pay before a lawsuit was even filed, despite the fact that the insurance company originally denied liability for the wreck entirely.

Dealing with insurance companies following a deadly collision is tough work. The survivors are dealing with immense grief and remain vulnerable to insurance companies seeking to eliminate or minimize the amount of the claim. You need a lawyer with experience in these matters and a willingness to do what it takes.


Mr. and Mrs. J., Macon, Georgia

“After a medical incident, our lives were changed drastically. Every part of our life was affected, both physically and emotionally. We met with Michael Hill and immediately felt that someone was finally hearing us. He treated us with compassion and dignity. We cannot say enough good things about Michael Hill and his team.

“The hard work of these outstanding people helped us more than words can say. They helped turn a horrid situation with life-long effects into something that has changed our lives for the better and allows us to have a place to call home again in a place we love.”


Mary, Macon, Georgia

“I had to fire my other attorney whom I had for almost six (6) months and never once got return call and never spoke to my attorney. Then, I hired Michael Hill and in one month I had more communication than I had in six (6) months with my previous attorney. Michael’s staff was very caring, always courteous, and professional. I am incredibly pleased.”


LJ, Macon, Georgia

Attorney Robert Cabe is one of The Best! One of the things that makes him “hands down” and truly the best Attorney to me is the way he is accessible and available to his clients (there’s never a “middle person” to go through before you receive feedback or response and never a long response time with him) his follow through and communication skills are superb. It isn’t difficult to try and speak with him directly – he works very hard and is upfront with you in how he operates. His business practice to me is highly effective and I would recommend him for all your legal needs. You will not be disappointed.


Ms. B, Macon, Georgia

“Michael Hill was more than professional; he was a genuine, caring human being who didn’t view us as a ‘money case.’ He was concerned for our well being and the well being of my wife, who was injured in a medical malpractice case. We first went to another local attorney, who basically did not think we had a case. Michael not only won our case, but was kind, compassionate, and caring. His staff was also very professional, kind, and helpful when needed. I would recommend them to any of my family and friends.


Renee, Macon, Georgia

Michael Mayo is not only a very competent lawyer, but he is the kind of professional who makes you feel secure and well advocated for as he pursues your case. He allowed me to partner with him on my case as appropriate and believed me as I reported the facts to him. I will be forever grateful for the way he treated me as a client. I highly recommend him!”

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