Nursing Home Injuries: By the Numbers

At Mayo | Hill, we have several practice areas that focus on personal injury, including medical negligence as it pertains to those who have been seriously injured (or worse) while in the care of a nursing home facility. 

On our website, we have the following quote by Tyron Prince: “The strength of our society should be judged by the quality of care rendered to our youngest, sickest, and oldest citizens, being that they aren’t able to care for themselves.” These are words we live by both personally and professionally. In our Nursing Home Injuries practice area, we have helped countless families receive the recoveries they deserve after their loved ones were injured or died due to the negligence of the nursing home facility in which they lived. In this article, we’re breaking down Nursing Home Injuries “by the numbers.” 

15,600 | 360

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), as of 2018 there were over 15,000 nursing home facilities in the United States.1 That means hundreds of thousands to millions of people trust their loved ones to receive constant care from nursing homes each and every day. Of those 15,600 nursing homes, 360 of those facilities are found here in Georgia.2 We know that nursing homes play an important role – providing care for family members when loved ones’ needs can no longer be met at home. When a family member is placed in the care of one of the facilities, their families trust these establishments to provide care, compassion, and respect. Unfortunately, that is not always the case.  


At Mayo | Hill, we assist our nursing home injury clients in 13 different types of cases: dehydration, malnutrition, pressure/bed sores, infections, falls, broken bones/fractures, wandering residents, medication errors, injuries from physical restraints, physical abuse, sexual abuse, psychological abuse, and financial abuse. If your family member’s injury isn’t shown on this list, we still may be able to help. Always reach out to the Mayo | Hill team for consultation regarding your loved one’s injury. 

The number of Mayo | Hill attorneys specializing in the nursing home injuries practice area. Our attorneys and experienced support staff have years of experience fighting for those who have suffered at the hands of their long-term care facilities. Michael MayoMichael Hill, and Cameron Woodward dedicate much of their time and effort to supporting these families as they fight for justice for their loved ones. Our attorneys have great success defending these individuals. 

If you have a loved one who has been seriously injured or who has passed away due to negligence while in a nursing home, give the experienced team at Mayo | Hill a call today (478-238-9898). 




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