The Benefits of Working with a Nurse Paralegal

This week is Nurses Week, and we wanted to take this opportunity to highlight the benefits of having a nurse paralegal on our team. Emily Elsworth, Mayo | Hill’s nurse paralegal, has proven to be a critical part of our success.

Nurse paralegals are often the “secret weapon” of a law firm’s medical negligence practice area. In addition to their knowledge and understanding of legal matters, these individuals also have years of schooling, training, and experience in the nursing field. By utilizing skillsets from both industries – legal and nursing – nurse paralegals like Emily provide a competitive advantage for the law firms fortunate enough to have them on staff. 

When you call Mayo | Hill looking for additional information about our medical malpractice division, you’ll most likely speak to Emily first. Michael Mayo, co-founder of Mayo | Hill emphasized the importance of this initial conversation with Emily: “We are privileged to have Emily’s knowledge and experience in the medical field to help us master each medical negligence case. Likewise, our clients can benefit from speaking with a licensed medical professional during their very first phone call with the firm.” 

After this initial conversation, Emily assists clients in gathering their medical records for our attorneys to review. Once the records have been received, Emily creates a medical chronology for that client. These medical chronologies are helpful to our attorneys as they prepare complaints and demands for cases. 

“Nursing is a service industry. I love that I can serve in this role as a nurse paralegal. I strive to use compassion and care from the initial phone call forward. I want our clients to know that they are cared for and seen, and that we will work hard for them.” – Emily Elsworth, Nurse Paralegal at Mayo | Hill

Thank you to Emily and all nurses and nurse paralegals for the dedication and selflessness they show each day as they care for their clients and patients. 

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