Hard Work & Diligence Lead to Multiple Wins for Attorney Cameron Woodward

Attorney Cameron Woodward has been with Mayo | Hill since June 2021. In his time with our firm, he has proven he is dedicated to fighting for our clients – no matter how long it takes or how many extra hours of investigation need to go into a case. In July and the first half of August of 2022 alone, Mr. Woodward has won more than $500,000 for his clients. He also has over $250,000 pending in current cases expected to finalize this and next month. 

Recent Victories

Cable Company Causes Distraction for Client

In an auto accident where his client was initially found at fault, Mr. Woodward was able to prove, through thorough investigation, that a cable company laying cable at the time of the accident was actually at fault. The cable company raised the cables they were laying, causing Mr. Woodward’s client to become distracted and hit another vehicle. Mr. Woodward’s client suffered a concussion and had to be taken to the emergency room for further examination. The client was awarded $65,000. 

Trip & Fall in Athens

After a serious fall in an Athens, Georgia restaurant, Mr. Woodward’s client had to undergo surgery on his ankle. After over a year in litigation and countless hours of research and work on behalf of his client, Mr. Woodward was awarded $135,000 for his client. Prior to litigation, no offer was made to compensate the injured party. 

Wheelchair Turns Over Due to Property’s Uneven Drainage Area

Another of Mr. Woodward’s clients suffered a rotator cuff injury when her wheelchair turned over as she crossed an uneven drainage area at a local retail establishment. Prior to the one year of litigation Mr. Woodward fought through on behalf of his client, she had received no offer to help cover the costs associated with her injury. After hiring Mr. Woodward as her attorney, she was awarded $105,000 for her suffering. 

“Many attorneys are looking for low-hanging fruit when it comes to the cases they accept. These three cases were time-intensive and took diligent effort and a willingness to thoroughly investigate each one. It’s important to me to fight for my clients – even when it’s not easy – in order to get them the results they deserve,” said Mr. Woodward.

If you or a loved one have been seriously injured due to the negligence of another, give attorney Cameron Woodward a call at 478-238-9898 today.

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