Summer Travel Safety Tips

As the roads are filled with vehicles of traveling passengers during the summer months, there is an increased risk for auto accidents. 

Safe Motorist has provided several safety tips for your summer travels. Their tips include:

  1. Preparing your car for your travels (checking fluid levels and ensuring everything is working properly)
  2. Preparing yourself (including getting a full night’s rest, looking at weather reports, and organizing a safety kit to keep in your vehicle)
  3. Making hotel reservations in advance
  4. Saving gas as you’re able
  5. Being safe and alert while traveling

You can read their full article here:

Their fifth recommendation, “be safe and alert while traveling,”1 is one of the most notable. While you cannot control how others drive, you can take extra precautions for yourself. Make sure you’re not too tired to drive and be sure to refrain from using your cell phone while operating your vehicle. 

In one of our recent blog posts, we discussed the dangers of distracted driving. In that article, we noted that “distracted driving…was linked to over 3,100 deaths in 2019” alone2. Many states, including Georgia, have implemented bans on using any hand-held mobile devices while operating a vehicle. Before you travel, make sure you know and understand the laws for the states you’ll be traveling through and/or visiting. You can find a full map here. It is always recommended to refrain from using your hand-held devices while driving.

Have a safe and wonderful summer!

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