Our Results: Summary Judgment Granted in Client’s Favor

At Mayo | Hill, we understand that each case and each client are unique. Legal cases involve people, and people have families and caretakers.

When a loved one dies as a result of an accident or injury, it is their family members and/or caretakers who are left to make their final arrangements and deal with the loss of their loved one. In some cases, it is also that family member’s responsibility to handle any legal matters surrounding the death of their loved one. 

Fighting for Our Client

In one of our recent cases, our client held the titles of both “caretaker” and “sister.” Her brother suffered a horrific car accident and did not survive. As she was planning her brother’s funeral, someone she helped take care of for years, her and her brother’s father resurfaced after years of silence. The putative father sought counsel from a law firm in Savannah and attempted to recover the money for his son’s wrongful death, although he had been absent from his children’s lives for many years. 

Through extensive work, research, and time spent with our client, we were able to present all necessary facts of our case in order for the putative father to be denied Summary Judgment and our client to be granted Summary Judgment. Attorney Michael Hill was able to prove that the putative father both abandoned and failed to provide the necessities of life to his son, thus he was not entitled to recover for his son’s wrongful death. 

Fighting for Justice

This case is an excellent example of how we fight for justice for our clients. While our client was dealing with the devastating loss of her brother, she also had to navigate a complex legal battle and deal with the emotional distress of fighting her father who had been largely absent throughout her life. We were honored to help our client receive the outcome both she and her brother deserved. 

If you or a loved one are in need of the legal services of Mayo | Hill, please give our office a call (478-238-9898). We want to help you fight for what is right. We want to help you fight for justice

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