Spotlight on the Mayo | Hill Staff

We didn’t want to let this year pass without spotlighting the wonderful people who help keep the firm running every day – our staff.

We are so thankful for Sherrie, Shatara, Jackie, and Ashley and all that they do. The attorneys at Mayo | Hill couldn’t do what they do without this powerful team behind them.


Meet the wonderful members of our team:

Sherrie Treen

Sherrie Treen serves as the firm’s Office Manager, as well as legal assistant to Michael Mayo. She is from Macon and has been with Mayo | Hill since the firm got its start. Outside of work, Sherrie enjoys spending time with her family, especially her three grandchildren. One of her favorite things about her job is the team atmosphere. According to Sherrie, “While we work hard, we have a lot of fun.”

Shatara Moye

Shatara Moye is Michael Hill’s legal assistant and has been with Mayo | Hill since its inception. Shatara was born and raised here in Macon, so she has a great understanding of the area and the people who call Middle Georgia home. In her free time, she enjoys sharing her Christian ministry, spending time with family and friends, line dancing, and traveling. Shatara’s favorite part about being on the Mayo | Hill team is the work environment. She had this to say about her team members, “It’s great that we all get along and are a team; we can laugh with one another, helping one another out and providing the best customer service to our clients.”

Jackie Gramatas

Jackie Gramatas is the firm’s receptionist and has been at Mayo | Hill since November of 2018. Jackie moved to Macon in 2017 after living in Atlanta and retiring from Delta Airlines and Coca-Cola. Her favorite pastime is cooking. Like her coworkers, Jackie also mentioned her relationship with the other staff members as one of her favorite parts of being at Mayo | Hill. “My favorite thing about working at Mayo | Hill is the opportunity to laugh and enjoy the comradery of the staff,” said Jackie.

Ashley Pope

Ashley Pope serves as the legal assistant to Robert Cabe and Austin Goble. She has been with the firm since August of 2019. Ashley is from Gray, Georgia. When she’s not at the office, Ashley enjoys spending time with her three children and being outdoors. When asked about her favorite thing about working at Mayo | Hill, Ashley said, “What I love about working at Mayo | Hill is that it feels like family.”


The firm’s founders, Michael Mayo and Michael Hill, truly appreciate the dedication and hard work demonstrated by Mayo | Hill’s staff members. “The truth is simple,” they said. “The success enjoyed by the firm is a direct byproduct of the excellent staff we have here. As attorneys, we work hard for our clients, but we would be nowhere without our staff. We get to spend every day with people we love. That’s a special thing, and we don’t take it lightly. Our names are on the door, but it’s the names and faces inside the building that truly drive the process. This firm is as much their firm as it is ours.”

Thank you, Sherrie, Shatara, Jackie, and Ashley! We couldn’t do it without you.

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