Why Macon Is Home

We’ve been asked, “Why Macon?”

For us, there isn’t one singular answer as to why we chose to build our firm in Macon. There’s so much to this city – from the history to the wonderful people who live here. The most concise and honest answer to this question is that Macon is now home.

Both Michael Mayo and Michael Hill, our founding partners, attended law school here in Macon at the Walter F. George School of Law (Mercer University). Michael Mayo hails from South Georgia, and Michael Hill is a Tennessee native, but it was not a difficult decision to stay in Macon after law school. And when the two attorneys decided to create Mayo | Hill, there was no question that the firm would be located in Macon.

Downtown Macon, the location of Mayo | Hill’s office, is full of culture. Within steps of the office are concert venues, historic monuments, art installations, shops, and a variety of restaurants. If we need a mid-morning cup of coffee, we can stop by Z Beans on Cotton Avenue or Taste and See on Poplar Street. If we’re meeting clients or family for lunch, we make our way to the Rookery, Ocmulgee Brewpub, Tokyo Alley, or Kudzu Seafood Company – just a few of the locally owned restaurants all within walking distance of our office. And when we’re ready to relax after a week of hard work, we venture over to Just Tap’d and spend time visiting with our family and friends.

Throughout the city, there’s so much to do and see. We can spend a summer afternoon floating the Ocmulgee River before having a picnic at Amerson River Park. We can take in the latest exhibit at the Museum of Arts and Sciences or visit the Ocmulgee Mounds National Historic Park. Or we can tour the house the Allman Brothers Band lived in when they got their start in Macon. We love the unique activities we can enjoy with our friends, children, and colleagues.

More than anything, though, the people of this city are why we’re here.

In Macon, you meet people from all over the state who’ve decided to build their families and homes in our city. Here, we have a “big” small town feel. We have the culture and events of a large city (without the traffic!), but we also know our neighbors by name. You see familiar faces when you’re out and about, yet there’s always someone new to meet. The people here are what make our city vibrant and full of life.

We’re thankful to be in Macon – a city that we proudly call home.

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